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Our Specialties

Bringing you the best technology has to offer.

Audio Visual

It's impossible to teach in a noiseless environment. Yet, students need to hear their teacher's voice spoken at about 15 decibels louder than back-ground noise.


We can recommend and install ceiling-mounted speakers,  microphones (and more!) to maximize voice amplification and visual displays.


Strains on technology can contribute to a sluggish network--a challenge educators and businesses can't afford to ignore.


Whether it’s new construction or a network re-design, upgrading fiber optics and network cable lines can help eliminate dead zones and reduce signal loss, forming a high-efficiency network.


Interactive displays are perfect for classroom or conference room use. Because they are built for collaborative engagement, multiple students or teams can work together to create and present rich content.


Whether in class or at home, group projects and class lectures just got a little more interesting.

Hybrid Classroom

Our top-notch products and services check all the “must-have” boxes for a successful hybrid classroom. Our trained team will help you create a hybrid solution designed to connect and inspire.

Technology is quick and convenient, but it’s not immune to connection issues or cyber attacks. DCTS offers customers on-site or remote support designed to keep networks running at top health, and with maximum up-time.

Customized Support 


Building a quality network sounds complex, but it doesn’t have to be. We install and configure state-of-the-art equipment designed to maximize performance and reduce downtime.

Device Repairs

Breaks happen,  but our repair services will get you back on track. With convenient pick-up and drop-off options we will identify defects, complete a warranty review, and process the repair accordingly.


Don’t wait until an attack happens to secure your systems. Cyber crimes can wreck havoc to your network and cost a fortune to repair. Our trained staff can recommend the best tools and practices necessary to protect precious data.

Video Walls

Post class announcements and share photos with immersive, informative, and inspiring video walls.


We can help you extend your Wi-Fi capabilities and reduce bandwidth challenges without sacrificing network security.

Have you heard about our tech solutions for educators?

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