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Our Exclusives

The DCTS Difference!

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  • Two custom scrolling marquees

  • 5-Day weather forecasting

  • Slide editor

  • Image Uploader

  • Remote refresh ensures the most recent content is displayed

  • Multiple branding options for 100% unique kiosks

  • Granular user permissions based on user need

  • Optional integration with OnMedia Spot allows users to share OnMedia files without leaving Display Manager

Display Manager is a kiosk system designed to share media. This easy to use program permits users to organize and display media on a single unit, or multiple. With Display Manager, staff admin can group kiosk displays by building so the media shared is relative to viewers, as well as set up different operating schedules.


Display Manager

Are you interested in seeing Display Manager in action? Send us a demo request and explore all the benefits this DCTS exclusive has to offer!

OnMedia Spot

Would you rather create and share media district-wide without giving access to YouTube and similar apps? Send us a demo request to try out OnMedia Spot today!

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  • Share media from recent events and activities

  • Upload lectures for absent students

  • Students can upload media projects from school or home

  • Serves as a centralized location for storing and accessing videos, photos, audios, video guides, tutorials, and PDF files

  • Great tool for professional development

  • Use stored media for marketing purposes

  • Easily integrates with Display Manager to maximize usage

OnMedia Spot is a place to create, upload, and store media. Flexible for use inside classroom, OMS has customizable security settings allowing teachers and students to safely share media within their district's  network.


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  • Online enrollment applications for career centers

  • Optimized for mobile devices

  • Cloud hosted

  • Customizable

  • Complete workflow

  • Live data

  • Reporting

EnrollSpot is a flexible application platform used to simplify the enrollment process. In a technology-based educational environment, why use paper and waste hundreds of hours sorting applications, making copies, and matching transcripts? Speed up the application process, view live data, run reports, and receive promptly submitted applications.


Enroll Spot

Send us a demo request to learn how Enroll Spot can make the application and enrollment process much easier for your school.

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Heave you heard about our Device Management services?

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