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K-12 Solutions

Technology services for educators.

In class

We're here to help.

Whether large or small, your district relies on IT support to keep things running smoothly. From diagnosing network troubles or installing new devices, to designing an innovative hybrid classroom system, we’re continuously evolving within the industry to bring your school the best solutions technology has to offer.

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We serve all districts, no matter the size.

Desktops, laptops, tablets, displays . . . the list goes on and on!

Technology is our future.

The arise of technology in the classroom makes it easier for educators to reach students as they become increasingly captivated by a tech-fueled world. Committed to education and student success, our K-12 Specialized Solutions provide districts with various online tools for teachers, students, and parents to use inside or outside of the classroom.

Students can easily watch recorded lectures online, upload media projects, and turn in assignments--meaning students no longer have to worry about falling behind due to illness or injury. Additionally, educators are better equipped to provide quality instruction to the different learning styles among students for a more engaging and positive classroom experience.

Check out ten benefits of technology in the classroom!

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Technology & the Hybrid Classroom.

Are you up to date with the must-haves of the hybrid classroom? Take a look at our infographic for quick tips and to see a sample hybrid solution designed by DCTS.

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“Our goal is to improve learning environments by providing the most current technological hardware, software, and services best suited to your needs . . . and your budget.”


Stay organized with these specialized tools.

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